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Vravrona - Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy 67th birthday Wendy and 29th wedding anniversary! Last night in Greece

semi-overcast 24 °C

After breakfast, we spent the morning on the computer in the foyer, doing internet banking and trying to check into our flight to Zurich, but to no avail. We have booked a taxi to collect us at 4.15 am tomorrow to take us to the airport for our 6.30 am flight. They will have a light breakfast ready for us at 3.30 am in the foyer!

Annetta suggested that we take a taxi to Porto Rafti, around the other side of the mountain, to have lunch and to reminisce about the times we spent there. It was nice to see Porto Rafti again. I don't remember it being so built up. We wandered up and down the street, found a chemist for Phil, who is getting a cold, and then had lunch at a taverna by the water. It was a lovely way to spend my birthday.



On the way back to Vravrona, the taxi driver took us up on top of a hill so we could take some good photos. The lanes were so narrow, but the houses were modern and lovely. There were no street names, so he had to put on his GPS so he would know how to find the main road again.


I usually don't like spending my birthday away from Australia as no one calls me, however with Facebook, 16 people sent me birthday greetings on my timeline, so I don't feel totally forgotten. Agi also phoned to say Happy Birthday.

I phoned Mum at 12 noon Greece time, which was 7pm in Toowoomba. It was nice to hear her voice, however, she was rather upset because a couple of days ago, she had been to see the doctor at the nursing home about a skin cancer on her nose and he had done a biopsy without giving her a local anaesthetic. She was very upset as it hurt her a lot. Where does this doctor get off? I will be complaining to the staff when I am up there in the middle of October.

On our return from Porto Rafti, we went to the souvenir shop to buy a statue of Artemis but I couldn't see one I liked, so we left empty handed. We had a coffee on the terrace and everyone is now having a siesta before dinner.


After dinner went back to the gift shop in the hotel and bought some jewelry for Mum, Carole and me. Then up to pack as we are leaving VERY early in the morning.

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Vravrona - Friday, 3 October 2014

sunny 24 °C

Had a terrible night's sleep last night. Didn't get to sleep for hours so consequently am very tired today.

After breakfast we went down to the computer in the foyer and Phil made the final payment to Scenic Tours for our South American/Antarctica trip next February. While we were there, two bus loads of new Frenchies arrived, so our one day of peace has been shattered.

Makis joined us and the three of us walked out of the hotel, through the mud flats over to the archaeological museum that was dedicated to Artemis. It was quite small, but nevertheless very interesting, and the exhibits were in quite good order. And because it was small, we took time to read about most of the exhibits.


There was an archeological dig further down the path of a temple.


We chose a rough bush path to get back to the hotel but it was really a very nice walk. It is very windy today and our walk back was protected from the wind by very tall bamboo and other trees.




We called into Alexander's Fish Taverna on the way back to the hotel. It was 2pm and too early for Makis to eat lunch and I hate fish, so I had bread and tzazikaki , Makis had a drink and Phil had chips and calamari. It was quite pleasant sitting there and a few other people had the same idea.


Of course, there were the usual "taverna cats" that were very happy to eat Phil's leftovers.


We spent a relaxing afternoon, Phil watched a couple of Greek movies he had taped and I read my book. Then we dressed for dinner and went down at 8. Phil and Makis went for a short walk and then into bed a bit earlier than normal, just on midnight.

Phil is getting a sore throat. Heaven help us!

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Vravrona - Thursday, 2 October 2014

sunny 26 °C

Agi and Vera caught the bus from Athens and arrived at midday. Vera used to work in the Australian Embassy also. We sat on the terrace and had a coffee and chatted about old times for a couple of hours and then went poolside to have a buffet lunch. The price was 6 Euros per person, which was much better value than having a toasted sandwich and coffee upstairs. However, we certainly don't need three large meals a day, as most days we sit around doing nothing.


Most of the French people have gone home so it's very quiet around here, which is nice. I am guessing that there will be a new group arriving tomorrow.


Agi and Vera caught the 5pm bus back to Athens and we all had a rest. I read my book, Eleni and Phil watched a couple of Greek movies.

I don't know why we went to dinner as none of us was hungry.

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Vravrona - Wednesday, 1 October 2014

sunny 26 °C

Couldn't get to sleep last night. It was well after midnight when I finally dozed off. Have finished reading The Nazi Officer's Wife, and have started reading Eleni, the true story of a Greek woman who was murdered during the Greek Civil War in 1948 for trying to save her children by sending them away. Her son, Nicholas Gage, who was 8 at the time, has written the book.

Annetta didn't come to breakfast this morning as she is still not feeling well. She is weak and wants to sleep however, she needs food to sustain herself.

The wind has dropped and it is 26 degrees today so we are thinking of going for a swim but nothing happens here in a hurry.

We went down to the pool. Getting a towel was a drama! We were supposed to pay 5 Euros per towel, which was then refunded to us on return. We didn't have any money with us so Phil sweet talked the girl into giving us one for free. The pool was very noisy with aqua aerobics and exercise classes being conducted with an instructor screaming out instructions in French, to very loud music.

I put my toe into the pool and it was too cold for swimming so we sat around the pool reading. Then we went down to the ocean and I put my toe in there too, bit it was cold as well, so no swimming today. Maybe tomorrow. It is getting hotter each day.


All the French men, regardless of age or size, wear budgie smugglers and the women, regardless of age and SIZE, wear miniscule bikinis. What a sight.There are all as brown as berries. There was even a white pointer at the pool this morning.

We had coffee and sandwiches for lunch and spent a lazy afternoon in our room. We went for a walk before dinner so Phil could take some photos of the village. We called into the souvenir shop over the road. It has quite a lot of good stuff and the father of the owner had excellent English and we had a good chat.

Annetta is feeling better and joined us for dinner.


Sunset, tań∑en from our balcony

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Athens to Singapore - Sunday, 5 October 2014

The longest day!

The alarm went off at 3am (!) and after a quick shower, went down stairs for breakfast at 3.30am. Just the basics were available but at least it was something. There was another family in there too who were on the same flight as us, the 6.25 am from Athens to Zurich.

Anneta and Makis came down to say goodbye to us which was really nice because they don't usually rise until about 9am at the earliest. As usual, it was tough saying goodbye to them.


Waiting at Athens Airporg for our flight to Zurich.

We had a good flight from Athens to Zurich on Swiss Air and we were VERY happy that our bags were checked all the way through to Singapore from Athens, even though we were flying with different airlines. We never thought we'd see our bags again!. It took two and a half hours. Breakfast onboard was a bit sparten - yoghurt, a stale bun with choc chips in it and a cup of tea!

When we landed in Zurich, it was very foggy.


We had a couple of hours to kill in Zurich before our flight to Singapore but unfortunately there was no lounge for Singapore (Virgin) card holders there, so we bought a snack. We all know that food at airports is rather expensive, well this little lot cost us $45 AUD. At least it was nice!


Now boarding for our 10 hour flight to Singapore.

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